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International Customers

We are happy to supply our resources to our friends across the globe. International shipping is not included in the price of our products; however, Patterns and most digital resources can be sent via electronic methods at no additional charge. However, if you prefer to have the actual resource shipped to you, please select one of our shipping methods below.


Don’t forget to add the shipping product to ensure delivery of your item.  

As the cost of paper and printing rises, the cost of the end product increases. In an effort to share the greatest amount if information in as inexpensive a way as possible, The Wish Booklets has begun to publish Electronic Resources. The WBResources are books on CD which can be viewed on your computer monitor through the magic of electronics. The WBResources can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader, a downloadable program. The reader chooses whether or not to print the entire resource or just a particular portion of particular interest. The CD may also be taken to a print service shop, such as Staple’s, to be printed. All DVDs have been digitized from earlier videos by Susan. The DVDs play on  most DVD players.

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