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This is not traditional Wish Booklet since it contains so much more information. It contains a wardrobe inspired by garments in the fabled Lynn Murray collection. These garments were exhibited in the 2013 La Mode Enfantine Exhibit in Washington DC. They are beautiful, played with, loved and collected by a woman of impeccable taste. I am thrilled to be able to make these replica’s myself! This CD contains patterns for a wardrobe for a mid-century young girl doll of the type popularized by the French firms Huret and Rohmer. The clothes are sweet and appealing and not difficult to make. Nineteenth century sewing techniques add to the charm of the clothing. These are doll clothes for the rest of us who love to sew and love this look. The patterns are presented to fit 12" and 16" tall dolls.

WBR10: La Mode Enfantine

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