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What is the difference between a hat and a bonnet?  There is none, really.  Both are the subject of this video which shows doll bonnets, both modern and antique, old and new.  Beautiful color and close camera work show the beauty of these diminutive chapeaux to their best advantage.  Dolls of all sizes show the beauty of bonnet artistry.  Additionally, there is a discussion of fashion in the 19th Century which shows ladies’ clothing as well as their hat fashions.  Two “HOW-To” sections show how to make bonnets in great step-by-step detail.  One section shows how to make a bonnet for larger dolls; the other shows a bonnet for a miniature doll.  Once mastered, these techniques will enable a doll craftsperson to create beautiful headwear for any season and any doll!  88 minutes.

DVD 3: The ABCs of Doll Bonnets

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