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celebrates the centennial of the Mary Frances Sewing Book. It contains a review of sewing lessons published for children during the last half of the 19th Century and the first years of the 20th Century.  PDF copies from five children’s sewing books are included.  History, fashion and home life in the year 1912, and a discussion of ladies’ magazines and the articles in them features A Needle, A Thread and A Little Girl and The Jenny Wren Corner, both children’s columns published in The Delineator.  History, fashion and home life are touched on as historical background.  The handouts for a Mary Frances seminar are included, reviving a series of seminars originally done in the 1990’s.  In addition to the full size patterns featured in the original book, all of the patterns have been scaled to fit today’s popular doll sizes: 11 inches for Bleuette sized dolls; 8 inches for several UFDC souvenir dolls; and, 7 inches for Riley sized dolls.

WBR8: Mary Frances and Me, A Sewing Memoir

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