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  • Under normal circumstances, orders will be shipped within 48 hours of receipt.  Exceptions include holidays and when we are closed for vacation (Please note that we are located in the United States, and our products do not include  international shipping)

  • All prices on orders from within the United States include the cost of packaging and handling

  • We are located in the United States and are happy to supply our resources to our friends across the globe. International shipping is not included in the price of our products; however, Patterns and most digital resources can be sent via electronic methods at no additional charge. However, if you prefer to have the actual resource shipped to you, you can select one of our shipping methods below from the Shopping pages:

    • First Class International Shipping for 1 to 2 items $14.95 

    • First Class International shipping for 3 or more products $24.95 

  • Don’t forget to add the shipping product to your cart along with the rest of your order to ensure delivery of your item.  

  • Paypal/Credit Card charges will say “The Swell Doll Shop” or Wish Booklets by Swell doll shop.

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