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This is the record of a yearlong adventure recreating some of the clothing belonging to a wonderful Rohmer doll who lives in the Paris Doll Museum.  All of the childlike clothing belonging to the French doll has been recreated for Cathy Hansen's Victoria doll and Alice Leverett's Marie Terese.  Both were souvenirs for UFDC events.  There are two sets of patterns -- one for 9 inch dolls and one for 10 1/2 inch dolls.  Patterns include 11 pieces of underwear, 7 dresses, 1 coat,  a fur cape and muff, 7 bonnets, a pair of shoes, a pair of boots, and some jewelry. Also contained on the CD is a collection of color photographs showing construction details, finished garments and a few actual doll garments of the 1860s.  Complete instructions are included.  All patterns and instructions as well as a booklet or notebook cover are listed as separate items so they may be printed as needed.  Discover your own sewing adventure with LITTLE LILAS AND ME.

WBR7: Little Lilas and Me

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