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Susan’s archive

Some Fashion History

This page will reflect some of Susan’s love of research and study of historical fashion and will be updated periodically. I had the pleasure of attending the Yves Saint Laurent exhibition in Richmond Virginia in 2017.  Saint Laurent started as a designer in the late 1950’s at the house of Dior, and ultimately replaced Dior after his untimely death.  He would create some iconic looks before starting his own fashion house. He had an amazing long career.  In the fall of 2018, I accompanied Susan to visit the Musee de Yves Saint Laurent in Paris France. The Museum is housed in the original atelier and boutique of YSL.  Often considered one of the last couturiers of the Golden Age, Susan and I both held his body of work with great esteem. One of his iconic dresses from 1965 was the “Mondrian” dress or the “Dress of Tomorrow”. A shift dress made in wool knit fabric inspired by a painting by Piet Mondrian.  The dress is genius in its cutting to created the linear look of the painting works in angles to fit a woman’s body.  Susan used this as inspiration to create a favor for my 2019 Luncheon celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Barbie doll.  She created a simple kit to make your own “Mondrian” dress to fit an 11 ½ inch sized fashion doll. We have a limited number of these kits remaining from this event. Click below to purchase.

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