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This booklet is a comprehensive guide to the finishing touch for all of your doll and miniature projects.  Choosing just the right decoration is all important.  Luscious ribbons, crisp laces, smooth threads and brilliant paints are only some of the raw materials discussed.  This booklet tells you what to use and how to make it.  The booklet describes techniques of ruching, pleating, flower making and edging.  It suggests simple methods to make a pleater and an H.D.B.T.M., a Handy Dandy Bow Tying Machine.  The ideas and directions in the booklet may be used to decorate miniature doll clothes and bedding; in larger sizes, the trims can be used for antique and artists’ dolls.  Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Twentieth Century designs have been adapted to the unique requirements of doll makers and miniaturists.  30 pages.

Volume 24: Fashions in Trim

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