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Clothing embellished with soutache braid is iconic for the Rohmer and Huret fashion dolls of the mid-Nineteenth Century. Placement and transferring the designs challenge the most advanced stitcher. We have pre-printed one of the most popular designs to make it easier to provide your doll with one of these beautiful dresses. Designs are printed on fine white cotton suitable for embroidery or soutache applications. Currently the fabric is available in 3 sizes. The fabric is designed to be used to make the soutache dress for which the patterns and directions are on our CD, "La Mode Enfantine.” There are no instructions included with the fabric.

Currently available: 12 inch $27; 14 inch (Davida Dior or Tonner) $32; and 16 inch $37. All prices include postage.

Printed Soutache Dress 14 Inch

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